painted stones for home a la max ernst

We’ve long been a fan of keeping found rocks and stones around the house. They make visually wonderful “sculptures” and they have many impromptu practical purposes, to keep a door from blowing closed, act as bookend,  smash garlic or spices or weight a butterflied chicken cooking in a skillet...

Images of Max Ernst’s painted stones we saw recently on Mondoblogo takes our imaginings to new heights. Why not PAINT our found stones?

Ernst’s are inspiring (wish they were in color). We hunted around and didn’t find anything Ernst-ian but found a few cool iterations.

We like this painted stone by Amy Komar; it reminds us of Aboriginal paintings…

…and some simple polka dot stones…

…and stones painted like dominoes…


Some of them remind us of fabulous adult “Easter eggs”…


Max Ernst images via Mondobloggo
Amy Komar stone via Poppytalk
Polka dot painted stones via Anna Photography’s flickr stream
Painted Stone Dominoes via Goddesschess 

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