the brilliant past: poster dress with a ginsberg poem

Harry Gordon poster dress

photo: arthur brower/the new york times

Recently, we read that The New York Times has started an ongoing Tumblr project to post their photo archive; it’s called the Lively Morgue and it’s pretty swell. We found this treasure right away: a little bit of 60’s fashion brilliance:  a dress that can become a poster. Here’s the description:

March 4, 1968: “Don’t call them paper dresses,” began a report about a line of disposable dresses that could be reimagined as posters. The one seen here features Cape Kennedy. Another? An Allen Ginsberg poem. 

An Allen Ginsberg poem???? We HAD to see THAT dress with a Ginsberg Poem and found it here (it was designed by British fashion designer Harry Gordon):

poster dress with Allen Ginsberg poem

harry gordon

…wanna read the poem?…

harry gordon

…or put it on your wall?

Totally fab!

via Swiss Miss

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One Response to the brilliant past: poster dress with a ginsberg poem

  1. Octaviane 03.29.2012 at 5:17pm #

    This poem and the lovely geodln picture really resonated with me. I printed it out for my office and to share with others. Thank you for this special and unexpected gift today.My thoughts are with you as you are going through the process of having lost a dear friend you deeply cared about. I’m glad that you have wonderful memories of your friendship over the years to recall though.

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