salvador dali says ‘yes’ to everything

(Video link here) We are totally charmed by this video of Salvador Dali on an episode of What’s My Line, an old tv game show in which blindfolded contestants had to guess the occupation of the special guest by asking yes/no questions. Here are all of the questions that Dali answered yes to (we’ve boldfaced ones that confounded the host):

Are you associated with any of the arts?

Would you ever have been seen on television?

Are you a performer?

Would you be considered a leading man?

Have you achieved eminence in some field other than television?

Would it be the sort of exploit that might possibly reach the front page of a newspaper?

Do you imagine that we are blindfolded because one or more of us would recognize you at sight?

Are you accustomed to appearing before audiences?

Do you have anything to do with sports or any kind of athletic endeavor?

Do you use anything with your hands for your job, like a pencil or a typewriter?

Would you be considered a writer?

Have you had something published?

Do you write humorously?

Do you ever do any drawing like comic strips?

Are you a human being?

Did Random House ever publish a book for you?

Do you have a moustache that is rather well known?

What we love is Dali’s YES-ISM, his big seemingly limitless vision of himself (and his art) as indeed making him a ‘leading man’ and ‘involved in athletic endeavors’, as well as ‘drawing comic strips’; he lived outside of the usual definitions and pigeonholes, and make up his own.

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2 Responses to salvador dali says ‘yes’ to everything

  1. dana joy altman 03.13.2012 at 12:04pm #

    this is so fantastic! I just posted on facebook, thank you for sharing. I just cracked up when he says he plays sports.

  2. Sally 03.14.2012 at 11:23am #

    Yeah, he was amazing. When I was a kid, my mother would occasionally take me to the Hotel St. Regis for lunch. There would be Dali, with his ocelot, all alone, having his lunch and looking happy as a clam. Apparently, he lived there.

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