‘shelf of stuff’: what’s on yours?


A while back, we clipped a great post from Mondobloggo called ‘That Shelf”. It went:

We all have one.
The weird, 
cool ass shit that doesn’t go anywhere else.
That gift that you like, 
but can’t get rid of.
Your favorite thing in the world,
the stupidest thing ever….
It all goes on “that shelf”.


We filed it under “Shelf of Stuff”. We’ve got a couple of our own around the place, but the best spot is on the mantle:

…a slim catalogue from a long-ago Jean Arp exhibition, the surprisingly delicate tensile wishbone from a wild turkey our friend Kay shot, a morel (now dried) found on a walk up a mountain one spring day in West Virginia, a glass holding the fragile seed pod of a wild ramp, a tiny artwork a friend made…

photo: ellen silverman

“The weird, cool ass shit that doesn’t go anywhere else.”


We wished we’d photographed its iterations over the years because we gave some of that great stuff away and would like to remember it.

To look at the Mondobloggo guys in detail, click here. For the ultimate “shelf of stuff” check out our post “‘this is my home’ will blow you away”.


What’s on your ‘shelf of stuff’?

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2 Responses to ‘shelf of stuff’: what’s on yours?

  1. pippin 03.15.2012 at 12:26pm #

    >What’s on your ‘shelf of stuff’?
    a stargazing scope, turkey tail feathers from the first turkey i bagged, a hat from algonquin provincial park, sugar gum balls, an old hand-crank telephone, carved elephant bookends which were a gift from a friend who went to Kenya, my hardback copy of Out of Africa…

  2. Pamela 03.19.2012 at 11:00pm #

    On the window ledge behind my desk in my work space:
    Labeled jars of air and ocean water and beach sand and pine needles and (melted) snow and other residue from recent trips to places near and far, alongside a stack of small journals already filled up and bound with ribbon, two old matchboxes from Sweden, a Fornasetti-esque paper weight, a small type specimen sheet from the last century and the excellent Muji “city-in-a-bag” wood model of NYC.

    I love creating these little vignettes around my work and living space as well as seeing the ones my friends make. They are a bit like three-dimensional scrapbook pages.

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