last minute ways to get your easter act together

If you didn’t get it together to send plastic goody-filled Easter eggs by mail, or sprout little plants in egg shells, we thought we’d offer some solutions for last-minute Easter egg decorating:

There’s still time to make your own plant-based dyes for truly gorgeous Easter eggs (it’s totally fun). We especially dig the moderne neon dip-dyed egg above, which you can do with neon food dye available at the supermarket; here’s how to.

And don’t forget, eggs are a blank palette; you can just write or paint right on them with markers.


Recently, we saw eggs being decorated with temporary tattoos.

You can buy temporary tattoos just about everywhere or make your own by printing designs and images on decal paper (inkjet or laser). We found an easy-sounding how-to here; the key is choosing a fabulous image.

We’re wondering about using a mehndi henna tattoo kit – the Indian designs used for hands or feet –  to stencil onto our eggs.


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2 Responses to last minute ways to get your easter act together

  1. Pamela 04.12.2012 at 8:51am #

    I made some beautiful eggs last weekend, inspired by your post. A friend called them “Josef Albers-esque eggs.”

    Sally, have you ever died eggs by wrapping (and boiling) them in various vegetable parts — onion skins or beet leaves, etc? I did this years ago and they were so lovely, complete with the markings of the strings used to tie them up.

  2. Sally 04.12.2012 at 9:16pm #

    Hey Pamela, we need to set up a video cam in your house for all the swell ideas you come up with…We would love to have seen those Josef Albers-esque eggs. Got any pictures?

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