fab orange-frame mirror, inspired by a work of art

painting: winston roeth

Today, not for the first time, we mistook an artwork for a household object – a mirror actually. We saw this work by Winston Roeth at YouHaveBeenHereSometime right after seeing some images of mirrors and our brain said: “Wow, what a great deeply-orange painted mirror! Why don’t we make one of those?!!”  Then we scrolled down and read the copy. We looked back and realized there was no shiny mirror surface after all, but pure geometry on canvas.

Beautiful. So we read about Roeth and looked at some pictures.

We still loved the idea for a deeply orange-framed mirror, inspired by Roeth (whose work we can’f afford) and went hunting around for how to make, or get, one.

We remembered a great Pantone color we saw a while back called Tangerine Tango and figured we might get Benjamin Moore to mix some up OR find a similar one in their palette, maybe with a tad MORE ORANGE.

Then we went looking for wood framed mirrors. Voila, Ikea of course:  Molger, made of birch, in a square or big rectangles. (It’s polyeurothaned so you might need to prime it first.)

Then we stumbled on a DONE orange mirror. Haven’t seen Mongstad in person, but it looks good from here:

Funny how an orange-framed mirror –  just the right orange – can change the view.

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One Response to fab orange-frame mirror, inspired by a work of art

  1. Tracy Metro 04.12.2012 at 11:19pm #

    As a connoisseur of orange, I can tell you it is GREAT in person! In fact, you reminded me that I want to go pick that up! I was shopping for a show on which which I’m the designer (I Live with My Mom – it’s about 20 somethings who still live with their parents while they get their lives together… and, I go in and makeover their childhood bedrooms to be more grownup) and I saw it and said, “Self. That would look perfect if your home.” So, thanks for the reminder that I need to make one of those dreaded Ikea visits!

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