why not send a virtual bunch of flowers?

a virtual bunch of flowers

photo: Beatrice da Costa

We came home last night world weary after a long day. In our Inbox we found…a virtual bunch of flowers from our friend Beatriz da Costa

…and our whole mood changed!

Bia sent us her own photo, but it’s easy enough to do with found ones to brighten someone’s day or wish them

“SPRING ….PRINTEMPS….PRIMAVERA…..Happy days to All !!!!!!!!”

as Bia did.

(There are lot’s of spots on the web like this one or this one at the Public Digital Gallery that offer non-copyright images for use; google images has a trove under “vintage botanical illustration.”

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  1. send flowers for free online 11.01.2012 at 5:46am #

    Nowadays its common to send virtual flowers online to our loved ones on any occasion… as its a easy way to express our feeling..

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