copper pipe table to d-i-y or buy

photo: david john

Today Remodelista featured Garde, a new shop in Los Angeles that sells “stylishly understated” housewares. We are smitten with the poplar-top table’s Garde’s owner Scotti Sitz designed to display her wares, and which are available by custom order.

The bases appear to be an ingenious use of simple copper plumbing pipe. We’ve thought of all the times we’ve found ourselves in the plumbing department of our local hardware store, mulling the possibilities for copper pipe, t-joints and other fittings. Copper, left uncoated, is beautiful shiny or dull.

Sitz’s table got our imagination going…

photo: david john

So we started reading about how to cut and join copper pipe with a propane torch, something we’ve watched the super do…

…table bases of all sizes, stools, closet fittings, beds, bookshelvespot racks...we even stumbled on a sofa frame.

But what’s remarkable about Sitz’s design it’s lovely, modern lines…

The photos are by David John of the great You Have Been Here Sometime (we’ve taken the liberty of cropping them to focus on the table bases). For full versions, check out the story at Remodelista.

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