d-i-y vintage-box furniture (and obsession)

We recently came across a photo essay of a home decorated with vintage fruit boxes. We’re talking some kind of obsession here. They’re all through the house as furniture and storage solutions, like the bed and shelves above, and this kitchen island on wheels…

photo: nicolas mathéus

…and this desk, made strangely chic by the lines, with moderne chair and lamp.

 Where did they find them all?. We discovered that vintage fruit boxes are often sold off  directly by farms, and can be found at flea market, on the internet and on Ebay. You don’t need a whole house full to make something cool.
All photos: Nicolas Mathéus

Via French By Design

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3 Responses to d-i-y vintage-box furniture (and obsession)

  1. Liliana Holtzman 04.17.2012 at 7:17am #

    Beautiful! I love the boxes. These days I am all about downsizing and getting rid of stuff. This idea appeals to me greatly.

  2. Sharon 04.17.2012 at 8:15am #

    I think you must’ve meant “fruit” boxes in your first graph; not “furniture” boxes. It was a puzzling beginning. Sharon

  3. Sally 04.17.2012 at 9:27am #

    Hey, thanks so much for alerting me to that. You are absolutely right. I was moving too fast…
    Sorry for the confusion!

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