unbelievably chic, homemade glasses

?: photographer unknown

Spotted at Accidental Mysteries, a boy (or is she a girl?) wearing stunningly chic, rigged glasses that seem to be more for look than practicality: there appears to be no glass. Who cares? For sure they give him a new virtual lens to look through and a unique identifying style. (We had a friend that used to wear lensless glasses for that very reason; they would change his ‘head’, shift his identity and offered a buffer from the world.)

We wish we knew the back story.

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  1. Anil Kumar 09.23.2012 at 12:58pm #

    I made those as a KID!!!! they are made out of the soft core of the dried stalks of maze plant.. the thin white strips are made of the outer skin. it’s like bamboo but very thin and pliable.. I’ll take couple of pics of this stuff and what kids can make out of that..the white part. It’s like Styrofoam but with no cells…. I’ll get pics.. thanks for posting this pic.. brought back fond memories..

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