book giveaway: ‘hip girl’s guide to homemaking’ even teaches useful knots

how to tie a knot

photo: kate payne

One of the things we love so much about The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is that Kate Payne always thinks to share the simple–but totally essential–skills that many of us manage somehow not to have picked up. A perfect example is the series of useful knots on her blog. Her tutorial for tying a bowline knot is perfect for setting up the clothesline she was making, but of course has an endless number of knot-securing-uses. Just one more reason why we’re excited to give away a copy of Kate’s book next month. If you haven’t already, leave us a comment telling us what project around the house or in your garden you’re most looking forward to tackling this spring/summer, and we will randomly choose a commenter to receive a free copy of this great book. Deadline is May 19. 

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21 Responses to book giveaway: ‘hip girl’s guide to homemaking’ even teaches useful knots

  1. Lucy 04.27.2012 at 6:32am #

    I’m planning to organize my office this summer. However, building a stone wall is the task I’m most looking forward to.

  2. Stacy 04.27.2012 at 7:11am #

    I am making over our patio. It’s a disaster at the moment but I think in 4 weekends it can become Paradise. Then I’m going to sit outside and enjoy the summer! What could be better than that?

  3. mary 04.27.2012 at 9:57am #

    Hope to win this cool book- plus looking for some inspiration for our Aussie meat pie shop in Boston…. on tap for summer- making outdoor tables out of cable spools…

    thanks & LOVE your blog!

  4. Kathleen K 04.27.2012 at 10:09am #

    making a raised bed herb garden

  5. jolene collins 04.27.2012 at 10:21am #

    I’ve got a big window space that I’d love to shelve plants on, but I’m also obsessed with figuring out how to rig a hammock on my fire escape!

  6. claudia 04.27.2012 at 1:09pm #

    I’m putting in a new bed at my community garden plot. The squash, who like to take over my regular plot, will be relegated there.

  7. c. 04.27.2012 at 2:01pm #

    Build a ferrocement rain barrel. Roughly 200 gallons worth. It’s my “big” summer project.

  8. Orianne 04.27.2012 at 6:53pm #

    What project am I not planning? But high on my list — my crafts project! I need a good home craft space!

  9. Kal 04.27.2012 at 10:16pm #

    I’m am excited to refinish my new-old dresser after sourcing some amazing knobs. Also, excited about building new bookshelves for my kitchen.

  10. Bunny 04.28.2012 at 11:04am #

    Moving this summer and planning a fresh start with many projects in and out of doors. Building a compost bin at the new place is top priority.

  11. Ivy Vann 04.29.2012 at 8:02am #

    Hoping to hang a clothesline this spring. And win this book!

  12. Leslie 04.29.2012 at 10:21am #

    I will be building 20 standing easels from scrap materials for my middle school art class. (fingers crossed that I can make this many!!)

  13. Marie Biswell 04.29.2012 at 7:37pm #

    How could you knot be impressed by this book! Lol, sorry for the pun, but it was just screaming out to be said!!

  14. Sally 04.29.2012 at 8:39pm #

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  15. Rebecca Armstrong 04.30.2012 at 3:51pm #

    I found a long narrow iron table at a garage sale, got rid of the wood top, had the legs & frame powdered coated which is quite inexpensive and then bought a bundle of dried saguaro cactus spines that I finally cut to lay across the top of the table and then I am going to lash them to the table frame and have a great table top to lay out our summer suppers on.
    I love your blog by the way. Very inspiring and useful.

  16. Donna C 05.03.2012 at 1:37am #

    I am hoping to turn a dresser into a kitchen island

  17. Janae 05.04.2012 at 9:48pm #

    Planning on organizing every nook and cranny of my house once and for all. This will include either a massive garage sale or many trips to Goodwill. For fun, lots of camping!

  18. Susan Feller 05.22.2012 at 10:13am #

    I’ve been sick all week with bronchitis and had to cancel all my classes (teach senior fitness). Spent the week tackling 20 years of “stuff” in the storage room and want to have it all out or organized by june…which means my kids coming and picking up all their boxes that have been stored there for 15 years or so since leaving home. Want to turn it all into a spacious art studio.

  19. Sally Kolesar 05.22.2012 at 10:21am #

    I want to move my totally messy sewing room into an empty bedroom (I gave the furniture away.) into a place where I can take all my leftover fabric and fabric that I have collected over many years and improvise to my heart’s content– tearing, painting and stitching.

  20. Sylvia 05.22.2012 at 1:16pm #

    Rooms in my house resemble your ‘laboratory’. My daughter and her family or 6 moved in with me after my husband’s death in 2010. They’re still here & the piles are getting a little smaller. This is the project I hope we can attack after school is out (as she is a teacher).

  21. Helen 05.23.2012 at 8:45am #

    I will be teaching 5 youngsters to sew this summer and am looking for all extra information to share with them!! Also, I will be making a new bedspread and remodeling bedroom this summer. Would love to win this book!

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