we’re moving!! (back next week)

The Internet and phone are turned off in our old place; we’re camping amidst boxes. Needless to say, posting has been erratic…we spent 15 hours yesterday at the new space wrangling electricians, Fios guys, handiman, rug delivery.

We’re both overwhelmed and excited by the impending move to new digs, ‘the improvised life’s ongoing work-in-progress, a move from pre-war to modern.

We’re going dark for a week or so while we get things organized…and our wit’s about us. See you soon.

And big thanks for all who wrote to wish us well on the new space.

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7 Responses to we’re moving!! (back next week)

  1. sahana martin 05.09.2012 at 5:27pm #

    That picture reminds me of the movie Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    -and that through all the (exaggerated ) difficulties they held on to their vision of home .

    A successful & joyous move ,


  2. Cydney 05.10.2012 at 6:05am #

    Happy new home! I look forward to the return of my favorite blog.

  3. Elyse Harrison 05.10.2012 at 5:27pm #

    How exciting! Congratulations, you deserve it.

  4. Maris 05.14.2012 at 5:29pm #

    I took a look at this picture. Moving houses always fascinates me (although having moved 6 times in the past 5 years, I feel your pain). ANYway, I recognized the Union Bank building in the background and thought, “Could it be?”. That is an Italiannate Victorian house that I think I know pretty well. Angelino Heights, in the middle of LA, is a little enclave of Victorian homes. I used to docent for the Los Angeles Conservancy tour of those homes for several years. That home looks very much like the Italiannate Victorian that was moved to Angelino Heights way back when. There are, I believe, three homes that were moved from elsewhre in Los Angeles to make way for commercial developments of various sorts. I am so wondering if this is indeed one of the ones. The windows and door are in the right places. However, they may have added a porch to the one in AHeights, which would not be unusual. All of the arches are identical…hm-m-m. AHeights was the first suburb of Los Angeles and the homes there were built starting in the 1860’s. There was a streetcar that went up the middle of the street – oh now I can’t remember the name of the street, Carroll? You must visit – take a tour. I loved doing it.

  5. Julie 05.20.2012 at 8:40am #

    How lovely- but am missing improvised Life.
    Keep coming back to this pic. Aside from boarding school and college accommodation this is only the second house I have lived in. I have a picture of my family’s farmhouse being moved 70+ years ago. In one piece- like this, though ours wasn’t 2 story, they did knock down lots of trees along the route.

  6. Virginia Del Giudice 05.20.2012 at 9:59am #

    I miss you Sally!!!!!!

  7. Sally 05.21.2012 at 11:45am #

    Maris, How amazing that you recognize the house…we found it at random and thought it so perfect an image: the old to the modern. And we felt like we were moving a whole house! Thanks for your great comment.

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