useful pinterest board: ‘easy home tricks’

We recently discovered Easy Home Tricks, a pinterest board from A lot of DIY home sites involve repurposing everything to the point of absurdity, but while this board has a little of that  – covers up a bathrooms window??!! – for the most part it’s extremely USEFUL. We think of it as a more modern Hints from Heloise.

So far we’ve discovered a lot of great everyday home solutions, many of them ‘green’, including75 uses for baking soda, pulled from Life Hackery

and 10 uses for vinegar, pinned from This Old House.

It also led us to Life Hackery’s fantastic 50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen. Sharpening our scissors by snipping them through tin foil actually WORKED.

They’ve also introduced us to some more playful DIY projects, like DIY penny flooring, pinned from Revolver. We imagine nickels or dimes for a silvery  sheen.

More and more we are loving Pinterest as a way to share information across communities and sites. You can also navigate ‘the improvised life’ via images at Pinterest, a cool way to discover what’s hidden in our attic.

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