stylish makeshift toilet roll holder (made of rocks)

photo: sally schneider

Since moving, we’ve realized the insane number of details that comprise “a life”: where is a good dry cleaner in  our new neighborhood, what to use for hooks for towels until we find ones we like?…it is endless. We’d bought a nice-looking toilet roll holder only to discover to discover that it would be “a project” – time we don’t have – to install on our sheetrock wall. So we devised one out of…rocks that we’d brought from the other apartment. (We’d hauled them from the beach years ago because they are so incredibly useful and wonderful to look at: a sculptural bit of nature.)

photo: sally schneider

We like the suprising, elemental touch in our spare modern bathroom so much we’re thinking of keeping it: makeshift becoming the happy, possible permanent, solution.

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2 Responses to stylish makeshift toilet roll holder (made of rocks)

  1. suzy lowinger 03.21.2013 at 9:51am #

    just when i thought living in florida was going to drive me around the bend this post appears…the improvised life toilet paper holder…hallelulah…it is fantastic. dont even think of replacing it …it is awesome. very zen, beautiful and ecofriendly…you get 100% for creativity, originality and just plain common sense. i love this site!!! it makes me happy.

  2. Sally 03.25.2013 at 7:27pm #

    nice to have a toilet paper holder elicits a Halelulah!

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