foli: ‘there is no movement without rhythm’

(Video link here.)  film ‘Foli’ shows the rhythmic daily life of Baro, a Malinke village in Guinea; it is entralling. Almost eleven minutes long, it can be a lot to watch in a busy day. Break it up, watch bits over the course of a day. It will bring into focus the rhythm’s of your life.

A man who we assume to be one of the tribe’s leaders speaks occasionally throughout. His words form a kind of mantra, poem, prayer, with a rhythm of their own:

Everything is rhythm.

Everything, all work, all sound, is rhythm.

Every step we take is rhythm.

Every word we speak is rhythm.

So we’re all in this rhythm right now.

Everything is rhythm.

There is no movement without rhythm.

via Swiss Miss

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  1. Cynthia Johnson 06.19.2012 at 4:02pm #

    This was profoundly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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