the joys of unorthodox tableclothes


Like all things, tableclothes come with a notion that there is a right way to use them: ironed, placed symmetrically, covering the whole table PROPERLY. We found these pictures of alt-clothed tables secretly liberating: tableclothes all used with defiant and beautiful little shifts on the norm, the vision of stylist Hans Blomquist.

We love the unironed cloth with a crisp runner being placed askew, above, and…

this lovely cloth that leaves the ends of the table showing…


…and especially, these beautiful layered cloths — one ironed, the other not — draped across a wooden table.



via Desire to Inspire

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3 Responses to the joys of unorthodox tableclothes

  1. Tricia Hitopoulos 08.08.2013 at 4:16am #

    I really enjoy seeing and considering all sorts of ideas for tablscaping and for me it begins with table cloths and placemats and runners. i have an antique round to oval, Danish table and seldom see ideas for these. I may come across them 1 out of every 30 tables I see. Round is much easier than oval and mine does pull out to serve 12 guests. There’s never a table cloth long enough to reach the rounded ends. I wish I could see more ideas and choices for draping cloths over these large oval tables.

  2. Deborah Roskopf 09.05.2013 at 10:40am #

    I have a collection of 40’s-50’s brightly colored “luncheon” cloths that I adore and most are square. I layer several of them on a rectangular table, all askew and at different angles. You might do the same with a several too-small cloths of a common color or weave or pattern or formality.

  3. Sally 09.05.2013 at 1:17pm #

    Great idea…would love to see that.

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