harlem nyc 98 degrees: beating the heat

photo: sally schneider

In Harlem, the response to NYC’s recent heatwave has been highly improvisational; rigged umbrellas are everywhere, lashed to fence posts, tree trunks and baby carriages. Hats of all kinds have been configured, lots of chairs arranged under trees. We saw some folks who set up a giant open air cabana on the street so they could sit in its shade on lawn chairs. But best of all is the mom and pop who dragged an inflatable pool onto their upper Fifth Avenue sidewalk, and filled it with a hose to let their two young sons frolic and cool off.

What are  your ways to beat-the-heat?

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  1. Aidel.K 06.22.2012 at 3:01pm #

    I have discovered Tazo Zen tea, and I’m drinking tons of it iced. Grilled supper-so as not to heat up the house further. That kiddie pool looks refreshing, but I don’t want to scare my neighbors. 🙂

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