taking an unplanned ‘moment’

photo: sally schneider

It was raining late this afternoon as we sat writing in ‘the improvised life’s laboratory‘ with the terrace door open. Suddenly we heard the joyous sound of a full-on gospel choir coming through the trees of the Harlem park we look out on. We went out onto the terrace to see who was singing. Instead we saw a lone man sitting under an umbrella (which is there, though it blends with the surroundings) on a bench in the park, taking a moment to enjoy the soft rain and the music reverating through the wet leaves.

He sat until the rain stopped. Then closed his umbrella and went on his way. It reminded us of ‘the rich rewards of an unplanned day’.

photo: sally schneider

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the rich rewards of an unplanned day
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2 Responses to taking an unplanned ‘moment’

  1. Jim 06.25.2012 at 9:31pm #

    This is as close as you have come to an entry in “Peace and Love and Noticing the Details.” I sat in Atlanta in sweltering heat and was transported to NYC. Thank You!

  2. Sally 06.25.2012 at 10:04pm #

    That is quite a compliment; I hold Anne Herbert in very high esteem. But I am most touched that it took you In to that truly wondrous moment. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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