taking time off…

The Little Red Sailboat by Kitsumma

photo: kitsumma

…during this Fourth of July week. While we’re gone, we recommend entering our free book giveaway, OR rambling through the Archives, where you’ll find all sorts of treasures, OR browsing our posts through images at Pinterest.  Or type a word into SEARCH and see what you get. We’ll be back Monday, June 9th. (from a reader: “Not sure it matters, but you said you’d be back June 9 instead of July 9. Perhaps it just underscores the need for time off ;” ) Yeah, speaks volumes…

Meanwhile, here are a few other cool archives to explore:

bbc’s astonishing world music archive – free
free music to work by
let’s get lost: yale’s vast fabulous archive available online
nothing on tv? watch movies online for free

(You can buy prints, cards or posters of this image here.)

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