unplanned still-lifes (they’re all around us)

photo: sally schneider

Last weekend, we had a friend over for dinner, to hang out in the new space. Toward the end of a long evening of talking and eating, we both happened to look over at the kitchen counter at the same time and said in unison: “Look at that still life!”

It was though someone had snuck in and arranged it while we were busy looking at the sunset. (It has a faint air of an opera.)

But, really, these little miracles happen all over the place — combinations of intention and just living.

We spotted this one on during the renovation of the space, when it was still all torn apart:One of the carpenters had fashioned a makeshift knife out of a saw blade, sharpened on both sides and blue masking tape. This is exactly how we found it:

The Improvised Life   a carpenter's makeshift knife

photo: sally schneider

Our friend Peggy Markel sent us this lovely still life taken in her apartment in Florence, on a street that was once known as Via delle Servite Smarrite: The Street of the Lost Slave Girls (yikes!)… “fresh figs and ricotta from Sant’Ambrogio market” on linens that had to have come from one of Peggy’s trips to India.

photo: peggy markel

All you have to do is look around.

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