reader’s improv: cardigan sweater skirt

photo: antonia LoPresti

Last Fourth of July, Antonia LoPresti sent us an email about the emergency improv she came up with for her daughter Sofia:

After an impromptu dip in the Washington square park fountain, Sofia’s skirt was soaked. A hunt to find a children’s shop yielded no luck SO I took my cardigan sweater out of my bag, buttoned it up and wrapped it around her as a skirt.

It does have a curiously chic Rick Owens-ish look to it. Just for the hell of it, we did a google search to see if we could find any fashionistas who’d tried such daring. It seems that wearing cardigans backwards is as far as things go…

Thanks Antonia!

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3 Responses to reader’s improv: cardigan sweater skirt

  1. Lori Bruhns 07.23.2012 at 10:29pm #

    My fashion forward cousin has always been quick thinking as long as I can remember…no surprise her impromptu skirt for her daughter was as chic as it was…great job cousin.

  2. Cara De Silva 07.24.2012 at 8:16am #

    Love this. Hooray, Antonia for inventing this. And Sofia, for wearing it so smartly.

  3. Annie B. Copps 07.25.2012 at 9:09am #

    no surpass that young SOfia is a fashion diva, given her hyper-stylish parents. brava bella

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