desktop (+floor +wall) inspirations from unlikely sources

Since we started renovating ‘the improvised life’s space’ we’ve had our eyes peeled for solutions to various design problems. We’re finding that once we have a question in our head, inspiration and ideas can come from the most unlikely places.

Desperately needing a proper desk to work on, we hurredly devised one out of hollow core doors (below) on spray painted salvaged file cabinets. It works fine – a sleek 13 feet, but we weren’t crazy about the wood veneer, which has an unexpectedly reddish cast. Wonder what we could do to change it?:  reverse-painted glass crossed our minds, as did slabs of steel or copper we found at a an internet site. Then two modernist Italian vases we saw on Mondoblogo grabbed our attention. What if we painted the desktop that fabulous red of the fifties vase by Antonia Campi, above?

long desk made of hollow core doors

photo: sally schneider

hollow core door veneer

photo: sally schneider

We love this design by Agenore Fabbri and wondered how it would be on the desk top…

Then we started to kind of like the desktop, and wonder how these ideas would translate to the painted plywood floors???????

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