video: sally making herb salt with lynnne rossetto kasper (now there’s no excuse not to make it!)

(Video link here.) As promised in yesterday’s post, here ‘s the video of  Sally on public radio’s The Splendid Table showing host Lynne Rossetto Kasper how she makes her Fragrant Herb Salt, and the many possibilities for improvising with it, from roast chicken to vegetables to butter cookies. You’ll find the recipes for it and Sally’s other favorites – French-Style Chocolate Cake and Foolproof Roast Chicken – here.

Listen to Sally and Lynne discussing all three recipes here:

Thanks Lynne!

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10 Responses to video: sally making herb salt with lynnne rossetto kasper (now there’s no excuse not to make it!)

  1. jody 07.29.2012 at 9:31am #

    SPLENDID to be at your table!! Great to see you!

  2. tracy metro 07.29.2012 at 11:23am #

    Brilliant idea! I’ve never made herbed salt and will be doing so today. You are one smart (butter) cookie! I am a fan.

  3. Melissa Bruhn 07.29.2012 at 8:25pm #

    Love this rosemary salt. I have been following you on the Splendid Table. Your web site is the bomb.

  4. Jim 07.29.2012 at 10:11pm #

    Wow! So, my wife and I heard the broadcast in the car and raced home to make your salt. It’s fantastic! Then today we made pork spare ribs – and instead of a texas style dry rub, we used the Tuscan salt – it was really great. Dry rubbed the ribs an hour an a half before cooking for three and a half hours in the oven on a rack at 275.

    Instead of BBQ sauce, we also made the “mayo” that was on Lynn’s same show, using no eggs but just milk and oil. We added a generous tablespoon of Tuscan salt, a tsp or so of BBQ sauce, a tsp of mustard, and a tsp of vinegar. It went wonderfully with both the ribs, and with the sweet corn we had.

    Thanks so much for what I’m sure is an amazing new staple in our kitchen.

  5. Sally 07.30.2012 at 10:58am #

    I lOVE hearing of all the ways you used the herb salt – I hadn’t thought of them. Just goes to show, you really can use it on just about everything.

  6. Sally 07.30.2012 at 10:59am #

    THE BOMB is what this website apsires to. Thanks a million!

  7. Pam 08.05.2012 at 2:57pm #

    The two of you together simply wonderful! Can’t wait to try some herb salt with sweets.

  8. Fast Forward 08.07.2012 at 6:53pm #

    Awesome. I’ll make some tonight with fresh herbs from the garden. And… is that your new kitchen Sally 🙂 ?

  9. Sally 08.07.2012 at 7:47pm #

    Hi Fast, That’s the OLD kitchen, last gasp. Took the zinc top island, cabinet doors and the big old funky stove and made a new one. Stay tuned. There’s music all the time at the new place…

  10. gallagher 02.11.2017 at 4:48pm #

    I sleep loooonger then most,
    …sö I might be a little late here,..
    Too cold outside, for anything worthwhile;
    ..I made some ‘salt’,
    and then the popcorn. ?

    Life is GOOD!

    p.s.: Tomorrow, butter cookies!

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