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The mailman’s fahrrad.

We love this crazy hauling bike and wish we knew the story behind it. We spotted it on Dargelosblog in a post called ‘the mailman’s fahrrad’ (‘fahrrad’ means bicycle in German). Dargelos is an onliine store that sells great, intelligent biking gear, like the illuminating vest we posted awhile back. We have their Transporter knapsack, which we couldn’t live without: it’s light and holds a lot without looking bulky or feeling heavy: perfect for our long days wandering around town.

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  1. lioba 09.06.2012 at 3:58am #

    nice and funny to see a daily life item on your blog…
    in fact, this is the vehicle german postmans use for cruising the neigbourhoods easily to distribute the daily mail. can you see the buch of rubber bands hanging on the handlebars? they were used to hold together the mail assorted by building.
    I love your site, thanks for so many inspiration.
    greetings from the black forest.

  2. StaceY 09.06.2012 at 8:30am #

    The bike that’s posted in the above photo is exactly what the postman’s bikes look like here in Ireland. Exactly! In Ireland people generally have mail slots through their doors. Most postmen and postwomen either drive in their own cars and then walk their rouets or use a bike just like this one to deliver the post (They say post instead of mail. The official name of the service is An Post (sounds like “pahst”) It’s Irish, meaning, The Post. (one of the more easier Irish phrases to understand. 😉 The postperson will load up all the post in the sacks and then cycle through his route. You will often see these bikes just perched, sitting there, not locked or anything, waiting for the driver to continue on the route. Not the prettiest thing but definitely highly functional!

  3. Sally 09.06.2012 at 11:32am #

    Oh yeah…I missed the rubber bands. Thanks for the explanation. It seems like a bike suited to many hauling needs. I wish someone sold them here. ANd…
    how nice to now ‘the improvised life’ is reaching all…the….way….to….the….black forest!

  4. Desdemonia 11.30.2012 at 4:48am #

    Its a German postman’s bike- check out little black logo on beam.

    PS LOVE your site- drawing lots of inspiration from it.

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