chic’d-up paper towel napkins in a fab minimalist setting

paper towel made into a chic napkin

2 or 3 things i know

We recently stumpled upon a wonderful post from 2 or 3 Things I Know that we bookmarked AGES AGO (1/3/09!); it is a divinely minimalist place setting with a philosphy to boot:

The key is to not turn to
magazines for design
advice. buy buy

It’s all about
the placement of
(just a few) objects.

and resourcing
cheap, found, basic
elements /materials

Cerre gives a little how-to and her favorite sources for creating a setting like this. What grabbed us is the paper towel “napkin”, rolled with squares of perforated packing paper repurposed from Muji and tied with twine.

Muji packing paper

2 or 3 things I know

We have have never seen a paper towel so perfectly chic’d up and able to contend with a cloth napkin, via a smart optical illusion.

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