ever wonder what an orange floor would look like?

ever wonder what an orange linoleum floor would look like?

One of the big surprises in our renovation of ‘the improvised life’s laboratory was the floor. When we took up the funky carpeting, we didn’t find the concrete we expected but a soft gypsum compound that couldn’t be hardened. We had no budget for a floor so we started to look around at possibilities. We entertained the idea of linoleum, which we love, but found even it was too pricey and labor intensive (it needs sealing periodically). Still, we found ourselves fantasizing about an orange linoleum floor. We weren’t quite able to imagine it.

Well, long after the fact, we found a picture of what such a floor would look like. The real beauty of this picture is that we can extrapolate what an orange PAINTED WOOD floor would look like as well, useful, since we went with painted plywood floors. Now we know that orange is not for us.But this tractor yellow floor by Constantino Nivola WOULD be divine:

Even pictures of interiors we DON’T care for can help us visualize elements for our own place…
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