how to behave better

how to behave better

We recently stumbled on Anthony Huberman‘s play on the Fischli and Weiss classic how to work better. Like that one, we’d love to see this painted on a building’s exterior wall so it could be read by anyone passing by: a great thought-provoking reminder. TOAST!!??

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  1. jody 09.21.2012 at 11:03am #

    very enlightened list!radical in terms of how many of us live in the day to day…a few things strike me –

    –there is a inner shift/an opening when saying “thank you” is living w/gratitude
    –and when speaking frankly is executed skillfully
    –and learning to care is making a space for ourselves and others
    –when the toast invites us into the lightness of being
    –insist on talking face to face is an interesting reminder of the incredible gift of eye contact, if not eye gazing and its incredible potential for heart opening transformation…

    how to work better…how to live better…how to FEEL better…so beautiful

    clearly this post has touched me…THANK YOU…and much love

  2. Linda Shapiro 09.24.2012 at 10:10am #

    As in “to toast”! If we remember to toast our tablemates, our own and other’s health, luck, happiness and everything else we can think of with a glass in hand, we feel a door of gratitude swing open. And that is always a good thing to experience.

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