glossy white tile wall as erasable white board

porcelain tiles as whiteboard

photo: mikko ryhänen

We love the glossy white wall tiles used as white board at Bar & Co. a bistro-style bar in Helsinki, a great idea for a kitchen wall. We’re suddenly viewing our oversized rectangular bathroom tiles in a new way: message boards (with the possibility for leaving little wash-off-able notes in a normally scriptless room). 

porcelain tiles as whiteboard

photo: mikko ryhänen

Our simple, stylish 5″x13″ cream gloss white tiles from Cancos cost under $6 a square foot, and would be just the thing.

We tested them with a dry erase marker just to be sure.

Note: One commenter wrote that he tried writing on his bathroom tiles and has been unable to completely remove the writing. Although that’s not been our experience, we recommend TESTING the marker you want to use on an extra tile, OR really researching the marker to make sure it isn’t permanent.




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photos courtesy mikko ryhänen

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3 Responses to glossy white tile wall as erasable white board

  1. Doug 04.24.2017 at 12:18pm #

    I DO NOT recommend using white tile as a dry erase board. We used a dry erase marker in our bath area as a joke and it has remained faint ever since. I have tried everything to remove the faint residue and it does not come off.

  2. d 08.28.2017 at 3:41am #

    what about white cement between the tiles? I think you won’t be able to clear out marking spots on the cement. I’m planning to do something similar in my office.

  3. Sally Schneider 09.05.2017 at 8:52pm #

    If you don’t write directly on the cement, the cement
    (grout) doesn’t stain from just wiping the ink off the tiles (my experience)

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