lol, revisionist ‘gangnam style’ is so-o-o-o funny

(Video link here.) Gangnam Style, South Korean hip hop artist PSY’s video was so insanely over-the-top, it went viral. But the original is not nearly as funny or amazing as this brilliant hack YouTube user Moto2h made with it: he took away the music and added in some sound effects to PSY’s a capella blather.

…We hope it brings you a big ongoing fatso laugh…

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3 Responses to lol, revisionist ‘gangnam style’ is so-o-o-o funny

  1. BARRY BRIGGS 10.03.2012 at 10:46am #

    My Korean friends tell me that the original “Gangnam Style” video is actually a satirical and fairly biting critique of consumerist, style-obsessed Korean culture. They think it’s really funny that Western people like the video without understanding its real meaning.

    This is a great alteration of the original. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sally 10.03.2012 at 5:59pm #

    Hey, you’re completely right. And I am one of the Western people that made a bunch of assumptions without looking into what it was really doing, which, actually, this basic Wikipedia article about Gangnam style gives a glimpse of. Thanks for setting me straight in such a nice way.

  3. Sara 10.03.2012 at 6:21pm #

    aren’t comments amazing? I was going to say one thing, but now it looks like both of these videos are kind of spoof-in-your-face versions of Sut Jhally’s serious and critical Dreamworlds series: Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video. “Spoof-in-your-face”- I just made that up. I love the conversation.

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