inside-out painted shelves and drawers

Vintage staggered and stacked crates in blues and white

We’ve been amassing quite a collection of pictures of stacked boxes and crates being used as shelving. And lately, they’ve included crates and boxes that are painted on the inside, outsides left their natural shelves. This simple embellishment presents the colors as a sort of surprise, that lends a lot of charm to  the plain box look…

 Stacked boxes with natural wood finish, orange, and text
 …Of course, you can paint colors on the inside of anything, from enclosed cabinets to drawers….
white dresser with a hidden dash of color

…to carboard boxes:

cardboard box painted pink inside

photo: hreinn fridfinnsson


top photo: French by Design
middle photo: LIVET HEMMA
bottom photo: Remodelista

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