happy explorer’s day!!!! (sorry columbus)

Robert Winston Play Sculpture 1961  From Graphis 97 article, "The World Around Them"

There’s a movement afoot to change Columbus Day to Explorer’s Day. First, because Columbus didn’t really discover America (it was explored by MANY before him).  And second because America has always been about exploring; it is a country of explorers. Maggie Koerth-Baker at Boing-Boing says it eloquently:

….exploration is inclusive. The ancestors of Native Hawaiians were explorers who crossed the ocean. The ancestors of Native Americans explored their way across the Bering land bridge and then explored two whole continents. If you look at the history of America, you can see a history of exploration done by many different people, from many different backgrounds. Sometimes we’re talking about literal, physical exploration. Other times, the exploring is done in a lab. Or in space. But the point is clear: This country was built on explorers. And it needs explorers for the future.

Being explorers of all sorts, we’re going ahead an celebrating Explorer’s Day today.

Petition Congress here.

photo: Robert Winston Play Sculpture 1961 From Graphis 97 article, “The World Around Them” via Atomic Living

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