hut built over 5 years with salvaged materials

hut built over five years with salvaged materials

We love checking in to Cabin Porn a site which provides “inspiration for your quiet place somewhere”, which right now, is in our heads.

Recently, we became smitten with this hut overlooking Lake Bonney in the southeast of South Australia. All we know is that “it was built over 5 years with salvaged materials”; no other details were given. So we looked close at what those salvaged materials might be: we saw corrugated aluminum, windows, concrete blocks, reclaimed timber, a door, some sort of thin modern glass, driftwood…

Inspired, inspiring. A place to think…

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2 Responses to hut built over 5 years with salvaged materials

  1. James Grywalski 10.11.2012 at 6:19pm #

    I’ve been a subscriber to you site for about a year. Enjoy the cabin porn posts. If you’ve never seen or checked this guy, you should – this is a guy who took that the idea of cabin porn to the extreme and made his own world with his own bare hands and imagination and determination.


  2. Sally 10.14.2012 at 6:44pm #

    Thanks so much for alerting us to this. I am always interested to hear about people who set out on their own to live exactly as the please. I hope to do a post about this guy and others.

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