at last: washi tape wallpaper you can buy

photo: hellosandwich

Every since it burst on the scene, we’ve been in love with washi tape masking tape, using it for all sorts of decorative purposes, from wrapping gifts to tacking images or making signs on walls; we’ve posted about it a number of times.  Then, over a year ago, we stumbled on a post about washi tape wallpaper, wide rolls of washi tape you could apply to your walls, and repositioned like masking tape, only these are really wide swaths of color. Darned if it wasn’t available, just like a lot of the great design ideas we find, so we didn’t post it.

Until today, that is.

We’ve learned that super wide semi-transparent washi tape is available at Top Hat in New York City. (For other venues in the US, contact Sweet Bella.)  Widths range from  2” to 7.9” widths.

Via New York Magazine

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