bearing witness to sandy, ‘stormatron 5000’

(Video link here.)  We fully intended to spend the day working but have found it nearly impossible. We can’t help but be focused on Sandy, which comedian Louis C.K. called “monster sandy franken storm Paul Bunyon shitcloud might start throwing trees at babies in Manhattan”, “the stormatron 5000″.

We’re hunkered downwith candles, flashlights, battery-powered radios, a full larder and a bathtub full of water in case, waiting.  New York City is eery: we’ve seen pictures of Times Square and Grand Central, two of the busiest spots in town, without a soul. The wind and rain have been escalating all morning, the trees in the park across the way whipping furiously, at once beautiful and disturbing. A line from the Peter Pan records we listened to as a kid popped into our head this morning: “Wendy had the distinct feeling that something was about to happen.”  

mta photos

Something big IS happening and we are giving in to it, bearing witness to an astonishing event of nature. We’re checking reports, videos, webcams and walking out onto the terrace every once in a while to feel the force of the wind. It’s odd to realize that what is so strangely pleasurable and fascinating may be dangerous in ways we can’t imagine. That we do not know what the next 12 hours will bring (but we never do.)

Did this image from a webcam on the 55th floor of the Empire State Building, facing South:

Should you want to follow the storm as well, we recommend Kottke, one of best ongoing round-ups we’ve seen of why this storm is so historic and dangerous. We’ll report back tomorrow (as long as we have internet…)

Heartfelt thanks to the readers who wrote to see if we are okay. Yes we are: in Harlem, not Brooklyn, on high ground, taking no chances.

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  1. Elizabeth 10.30.2012 at 1:02am #

    Stay safe, ya’ll!

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