leap! (turnip)

photo: konsai umemama

Recently, we emailed a friend-fearful-of-the-future our version of a care package: a handful of uplifiting signs and images about taking risks, leaping, going forward into the unknown, one of our favorite subjects. We had just sent off “Leap And the Net Will Appear” when Cynthia Allen from 50 Years 50 Recipes sent us a link to some crazy pictures of a jumping/leaping/flying daikon.

Apparently a Japanese farmer dug up a “leaping” daikon and had the inspired idea to suspend it from a string and take pictures of it leaping all over the place. 

A brilliant improvisation: crazy funny and curiously heartening.

photo: konsai umemama

Even a daikon needs to LEAP!

you’ll find more images at DesignTAXIimages courtesy Konsai Umemama

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