orange howell’s macaroni ornaments (we’d wear ’em)

Orange Howell

We are smitten by the ornaments Orange Howell is making by hand-casting various macaroni shapes and gold-or-silverplating them. We took one look and thought: We want to wear them as jewelry, especially that Penne Rigate ornament:

Orange Howell's macaroni ornament and jewelry

What a SWELL dual-purpose gift that would make.

Then we saw that Orange Howell DOES have a line of Macaroni Jewelry.

Great minds…!

Orange Howell's macaroni ornaments + jewelry

6 Responses to orange howell’s macaroni ornaments (we’d wear ’em)

  1. Jlc 12.03.2012 at 9:55pm #

    They are even more fantastic in person!!

  2. Sheila 12.04.2012 at 12:09am #

    What original gifts for my favorite foodies! And there are enough variations to give each one something different..

  3. Linda Newman 12.04.2012 at 12:15am #

    I love Orange Howell pasta: ornaments! Jewelry! Delicious on concept and in realization. Memories of simple (or complex) good food! And smiles. Pasta in all its forms makes me smile. Thanks Orange Howell!

  4. leap 12.04.2012 at 2:12am #

    Oh, I bet they are!

  5. Lisa Flannery 12.04.2012 at 10:24am #

    Such a lovely & unique gift!!!

  6. dcarterbrown 12.04.2012 at 5:01pm #


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