laughter yoga: a farmer strips bare and leaps!

(Video link here.) David Saltman alerted us to this video with the comment: “Wild shit I really gotta do some day.”

It is crazy imaginative, daring and hilarious, so you should watch it before your go any farther. 










…..the video had to have been set up because really going though a baling machine would probably kill you in a really terrible way.

But we’re thinking: What an idea this guy dreamed up as he watched bales of hay shoot out of a piece of farm equipment. What a plot to hatch and plan and carry out: just to make a vision so wonderfully crazy, liberating and funny.

As we sit here and LAUGH, we think of that brilliant guy who created Laugher Yoga; he discovered that JUST LAUGHING makes you feel great.

So this is our ‘improvised life’ Yoga session for today!


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  1. maria robledo 12.04.2012 at 7:27am #

    very fun laughter,’
    feeling he was blissed out brings a smile to my face.

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