gift: endlessly useful furoshiki cloth…you can even wear it

(Video link here.) On Ambatalia’s blog, we came across this useful little video demonstrating several ways of folding Furoshiki clothes — large squares of fabric — to make carry bags and packages. What the video fails to show is the little revelation that is scattered around Ambatalia’s site: you can WEAR Furoshiki clothes as well. Tied around the waist, they make a swell apron. When made out of beautiful fabric, you can wear them as a scarf. Molly de Vries of Ambatalia designed this “42-inch square everyday furoshiki scarf” from fine Irish linen; it’s washable and meant to be worn “crumply”:

multipurpose Furoshiki scarf

Then you have your Furoshiki at the ready if you need to carry something. (The scarf is for sale at Ambatalia’s store.). Ambatalia’s 31″ square Furoshiki cloth comes with a visual how-to.

The Link Collective, an interesting Etsy site, sells pretty, handprinted definitely-wearable Furoshiki clothes…

the link collective

…as well as leather carry straps you can attach to turn your Furoshiki into a shoulder bag…

the link collective

Depending on the size, Furoshiki clothes could be used as table decoration, HUGE napkin, sarong-like skirt, even a headwrap.

We’re thinking a pretty Furoshiki cloth would make a great gift.

We’re also thinking it might be something we could make ourselves, using our down-and-dirty ripped linen (or other swell fabric) technique.

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2 Responses to gift: endlessly useful furoshiki cloth…you can even wear it

  1. patricia 12.10.2012 at 9:40pm #

    i love this idea. it’s green and multipurpose for those challenged with clutter, like myself.

  2. Leanne 12.11.2012 at 12:46pm #

    Brilliant! I have a small Ambitalia “Bento Tote” I got from Anaise and it’s beautiful. I’m definitely going to check out furoshiki. Thanks!

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