scrabble tiles for kitchen or floor

welt als tastatur (1996), by thomas feuerstein

This surprising kitchen is the brainchild of Austrian conceptual artist Thomas Feuerstein. It is an artwork, but like many artworks we come across, it contains wonderful ideas to be had and used, like scrabble tiles on the walls.

Just for the hell of it, we started hunting down scrabble tiles. We didn’t find any ceramic ones, but found vinyl ones in Sweden at  Bokstavskakel…We thinking they’d make a fine floor.

via Uncopy

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4 Responses to scrabble tiles for kitchen or floor

  1. Lori Michael 03.03.2013 at 5:54pm #

    I am interested if you have scrabble floor tiling.

  2. Alyce 12.08.2013 at 12:42pm #

    I might add some blue and taupe colored tiles. The board is never completely covered by tiles. Theses tiles are wonderful!

  3. Sally 12.08.2013 at 10:04pm #

    Ha. Never thought of that. Good idea!

  4. Linda Robinson 11.13.2014 at 3:50am #

    Interested in having some scrabble tiles in my kitchen . How much and where can I get them

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