diy holiday wreaths (out of just about anything)

diy holiday wreaths made from tobacco leaves and cotton

We’re not sure what Cara de Silva was doing reading Garden and Gun, but we love the story she spotted on wreaths made in the South. There’s a beauty made with tobacco leaves and a few sprigs of red berries, and another made from cotton plants: materials sourced from fields. It reminded us that a holiday wreath can be made from just about anything. Grapevine, which can be bought already wound into a wreath is lovely as is, and makes a fine round base into which to arrange all sorts of materials, from pine and holly to paper origami (It was the base of the cotton sprig wreath):

DIY holiday wreath made from cotton

Grapevine wreaths are available at craft and garden supply stores, as well as at Amazon. Here’s one simply embellished with sprigs of pine and other winter greenery:



Wire also make’s a good base for wreaths. Check out this diy Peace Wreath made with a base of wire coat hangerss:

a holiday wreath in the shape of a peace sign

We admire the resourcefulness of this curiously minimalist wreath made with common home supplies:  star cookie cutters clipped together with paper clips. Red twist ties or ribbon secure them and add a bit of color. How-to here.

A quick DIY holiday wreath made from cookie cutters

photo: michel arnaud


via Garden and Gun & Econesting & Good Housekeeping

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