fab bird’s nest wreath (+ other found holiday decor ideas)

Emily Thompson's bird's nest wreath

photo: maria robledo

After we posted about making wreaths of “just about anything“, Maria Robledo sent us a picture of a wreath that pushes that idea in the most wonderful and surprising way: a real bird’s nest nestled into winter branches whose leaves have dropped.  It was a gift from inspired floral designer Emily Thompson, who even left bits of New York City debris that were part of the find.

Maria photographed on story on Thompson’s “wild” wreath-making for Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Wrote Maria: “Emily’s wreaths are always naturally-shaped. Doesn’t use the pre-wreath gadgets.” We found a slide-show here.

We love that Thompson often uses found and foraged materials. Any of the materials she winds into wreaths could simply be arranged on the holiday table, instead of flowers…

wreath Emily Thompson 1

photo: maria robledo

wreath Emily Thompson 2

photo: maria robledo

Thanks Maria!

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