gif-imagination: one voluptuous fire hydrant!

We LOVE gifs, and are amazed that a little bit of code that can animate an image, making it live. Lately, we’ve noticed gif artists applying the process to create new visions of things, like this fire hydrant that a gif-artist “saw” as voluptuous statuary.

Here’s a whole Tumblr-full of gifs from Moving the Still, an exhibition done in honor of the gif’s 25th birthday.

…And our favorite gifs from the past year:
moment of ocean and pink sky gif
banksy’s “no stopping” reimagined (twice)
an open door: gif for an improvised life
an evening gif: gratitude…
what have you been making today?
peep show gif: funny, risqué, slightly x-rated

via Nowness

2 Responses to gif-imagination: one voluptuous fire hydrant!

  1. Ken Rivard 12.20.2012 at 11:13pm #

    That would be the Fire Venus–of the Hydrant of Willendorf.

  2. Sally 12.20.2012 at 11:17pm #

    Thanks a million!

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