d-i-y tree branch and string light chandelier

tree branch + string lighting chandelier

In an effort to bring more nature into this urban home, Polish architecture firm mode:lina conspired with the own to make a chandelier out a tree branch. “It can not be just any branch!” said the owner, “I will bring one from the place where I used to spend my childhood holidays.”

We’re adding it to our file of tree branch inspirations, started when we started hauling home downed limbs after Hurricane Sandy.

The chandelier seems to be little more than the carefully-chosen branch looped with outdoor string lights and hardwired into the ceiling. It’s one of the best chandelier’s we’ve seen in some time…

tree branch chandelier by mode:lina

….and totally warms up the very modern room.

tree branch chandelier by mode:lina

String lights can solve a multitude of indoor lighting problems.

via desire to inspire

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3 Responses to d-i-y tree branch and string light chandelier

  1. mustLOLO 04.26.2015 at 5:06pm #

    A special piece of furniture usually has a story a memory. The branch has been chosen.

  2. Simone 02.10.2018 at 2:40pm #

    Hi 🙂
    Wow this lamp is just beautiful!

    I’m writing a blogpost on my blog (microcut.dk), about celling lamps, of this kind, and I was wondering if I could use one of your pictures of this beautiful lamp, as an example, if I credit you by your websites name and link to this post in the blogpost?

    Hope to hear from you 🙂 Have a really nice day ^_^


  3. Sally Schneider 02.11.2018 at 10:08am #

    Those photos are not mine, but were found, unattributed online.

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