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photo via hno (henk nouwens) flickr

Holton Rower spotted this amazing image on henk nouwens flickr. It is titled ‘The Cantilevered Void House’ and accompanied by these words:

“Standing immobile throughout the day, these vivid objects, with their fantastic shadows on the wall behind them shifting and elongating hour by hour with the sun’s rotation, exuded a kind of darkness for all their color.” Cantilevered structures self-supported over the void. From: The Gormenghast Novels.

Who knows what the story is, whether the house is real or fake? Is it a fantastical image from The Gormenghast Novels? Comments on the flickr page yielded no info* but lead us to a tove of images at The Cantilever Project, which got us thinking about cantilevers:  A projecting structure, such as a beam, that is supported at one end and carries a load at the other end or along its length.

We’re smitten with this simple cantilever plywood chair (tiny angle braces clearly showing…could we diy this?)

photo: andrew weed via flickr

photo: andrew weed via flickr

That got us mulling cantilevered household items like Mies van der Rohe‘s “Weissenhof” cantilever chair, whose essential shape has been copied endlessly:

Mies Van der Rohe Cantilever chair

We’re looking around our place, and life,  through cantilever eyes.

*UPDATE: a reader reverse-search the image and traced it to this source. It is REAL.

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2 Responses to cantilevered homes, chairs, diy, life

  1. Mike 11.15.2013 at 4:31am #

    Reverse image search, yo.

    Apparently that building is a real farmhouse in Ukraine.

  2. Sally 11.16.2013 at 11:35am #

    Hey, how do you do a reverse image search???

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