diy bathtub tray/desk from a wood board

wooden board tub tray


Spotted at the PegandAwl Etsy shop (above) and Martha Stewart Living (below) simultaneously: bath tub trays/desks made out of a wood (reclaimed or new) board. Beautiful (and a relief from those wire grid tray) but we worry about the board sliding off the edge of the tub. MSL advises screwing on wood struts below. We’ve got another approach…

Place a heavy rock (which we keep around for multiple uses) on one edge so the weight keeps it in place; then you can even cantilever a longish board over the other side of the tub for more room. We tried it with an old painted shelf we had in the storehouse (as per our usual practice: we see an idea and try out our own iteration):

diy wooden tub tray with rock counterweight

photo: sally schneider

Perfect for us whose tub time is an essential source of relaxation and idea generation.

martha stewart living

martha stewart living


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2 Responses to diy bathtub tray/desk from a wood board

  1. Carl Witke 01.31.2013 at 9:37am #

    Great photos of a fav idea! I’ve been doing this for years. One suggestion: For safety’s sake (be it yours or the device’s) get that I-pad off the shelf before adding water to the tub! Electronics and bathing do not mix well. Safety aside, one should be relaxed and in the moment when in a tub, not plugged into the distractions and stresses of the info-verse.

  2. Kory 01.31.2017 at 9:27pm #

    Really like this– thanks for sharing. Though I understand the commenter above and doing away with the iPad, I found this post because I am looking for some kind of desk so I *can* do work while in the tub! For example, I got my girls to bed tonight and need to do some work, but also really wanted to relax in my tub with some epsom salt to ease my muscle aches from working out. I have to choose– work or bath? I want to do both! Sure, sometimes I want to get in the tub to tune out life, but sometimes I just have to do life and want to squeeze in a soak too! Of course, there is risk of damaging your device, but at times it’s just worth it! Thanks again for the idea of the wood board!

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