diy paper placemat and napkin riff

 ACP 9 Public Art: Paper Placemats (ATL)

photo © melissa catanese,

We stumbled on some compelling photo placemats done as a public art project for Atlanta Celebrates Photography: photos printed onto large size paper, perfect IF you have a big color printer.  The standard size of a placemat is 12″ x 18″, bigger we can print, although we suppose, we could have them done at Kinko’s.

The photo placemats got us mulling what we have around besides our roll of kraft paper for making some impromptu placemats.  Our 11″ x 14″ pad of Strathmore Drawing Paper makes for nice big sheets with a ruffled edges where they were pulled off the spiral spine, and white space that invites a drawing, collage, quote or…

photo: sally schneider

photo: sally schneider

Why not make paper-upon-paper in our place making? We dropped printed-out images by our friend Maria Robledo on the white space to see what would happen.

paper placemat w picture

We also started messing around with paper-towels-as napkins, inspired by a friend who threw them alongside big bowls of rabbit stew she served up at a recent dinner party. A busy mom/acupuncturist, she cuts-to-the-chase: Food first, simply served in big bowls. Friends gathered at table. Paper napkins are FINE.

photo: sally schneider

photo: sally schneider

…we loved taking a few minutes out to riff on the idea we saw in passing…

ACP paper placemat luncheon


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