diy or buy: dowel-and-board coat (or anything) hanger

danish company we do wood's scoreboarde

We often take ideas from products that already exist, using a kind of x-ray vision to suss their inner workings and determine if we could make them ourselves. Danish company we do wood’s Scoreboarde, a graphic multifunctional rack for hanging coats and other things appears to be little more than hardwood boards with grids of holes bored into them at an angle; they accomodate wooden pegs whose tips are cut at an angle and painted, and which can bi configured in many ways. Do-able we’d say.

We like that they can be hung vertically or horizontally, or grouped…lots of possibilities. As is often the case, the product’s specs offer a recipe with which to riff:

  • Material: Bamboo or Ash
  • Colours: Black edging on board, pins in white, pink, green, light blue, dark blue
  • Dimensions: Vertical Scoreboard: L100xW18, Horizontal Scoreboard: L18xW10, Small Scoreboard: L36xW17

via Bloesem

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One Response to diy or buy: dowel-and-board coat (or anything) hanger

  1. Sally 02.16.2013 at 11:26am #

    From Nina Saltman, our project advisor:

    “The boards totally look like giant cribbage boards. When I lived on a boat with no electricity, I once made a cribbage board using a screw to “drill” the holes. Trust me, thats a lot of holes to screw/drill out by hand – but I loved it. Where is it now? Probably at the bottom of the Amstel River in The Netherlands.”

    And sure enough, when we started poking around, we found cribbage boards that look A LOT like these diy racks. Wonder if we could hang one on the wall.

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