tammy duckworth + jessica cox: flying through obstacles

tannen maury / european pressphoto agency

tannen maury / european pressphoto agency

We were knocked out by this fragment of an interview with Tammy Duckworth in the Sunday New York Time’s Magazine. She’s the United States Representative for Illinois’s 8th congressional district who lost both legs while a U.S. Army helicopter pilot in the Iraq War:

Question: When you wake up do you feel a sense of loss when you realize what happened to your legs? 

Of course. But I have a different perspective for what my legs are now. Now they’re just tools, you know? If I still had my legs, I would be in line for a battalion command, and instead I’m flying a desk.

We were mulling Duckworth’s ability to shift her view in the face of daunting obstacles and find a way around them – to be SO resilient – when, as often happens, we found a similar idea resonating in our Inbox. A reader sent us this astonishing BBCvideo of Jessica Cox, who, born without arms, lives fully and richly —even flying a plane— using her feet as hands.

Both Duckworth and Cox figured out how to fly, despite all obstacles.

(Video link here.)

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