house tour: quirky belgium home with a million great ideas

Tim Van de Velde

Tim Van de Velde

French by Design recently featured Veerle Wenes‘ unique home in Belgium that serves as both residence and gallery. We recommend taking the full tour for the wealth of design ideas the images hold. Take this foyer, for example, with unique, diy-able peg hooks that run horizontally and vertically, not to mention the swell two-legged plywood desk affixed to the wall,  the rough brick-and-concrete floor, and sheetrock walls brought right down to the floor and unfinished by the usual molding.
We also like the the sheetrock ledge in the bedroom that that acts both as a headboard and as a display for beautiful and/or usefulobjects, set against a slate-colored wall.
Tim Van de Velde

Tim Van de Velde


via French by Design via Dwell; photos by Tim Van de Velde

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