gif of what a new idea looks like, and apps for capturing them



We were instantly smitten by this mesmerizing gif by Pataak that pushes gif-dom to new heights of loose abstraction. For us it combines the chic of polka-dots with the ephemeral way ideas come and go.  Strange magic.

Lately, we’ve been checking out apps and software for mapping our gazillions of ideas that often, once out of sight, go out-of-mind. There are quite a few. Our current favorite is Workflowy, a way to capture ideas quickly. (Please use this link; if you decide to sign up, we get extra space.  If you’re new to mind-mapping, check out Popplet, a super simple idea-mapping software check out popplet.

via Swiss Miss

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2 Responses to gif of what a new idea looks like, and apps for capturing them

  1. T. Dixon 03.18.2013 at 12:29pm #

    These are AMAZING! Was just on popplet and I’m in love!

    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Sally 03.18.2013 at 12:43pm #

    SO glad you like it. We’re finding both very useful. More to come.

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